STC Tender Teaser Tubes (2 3/4 inch) – 50 per pack – all colors


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All soft plastic lures will be made/shipped within 1-5 Business days.

Length – 2 ¾ inches

Presentation –Slow floating

Plastic Consistency– Soft

Garlic Scent Infused – Yes

Salt – Yes, coarse

Recommended Terminal Tackle – 1/0 or 2/0 STC Sickle Hook or Round Bend Hook Insert Tubeheads, 1/0 or 2/0 STC Sickle Hook Weedless Insert Tubeheads, 1/0 STC Stupid Tubeheads, Texas rigged on 1/0 wide gap hook

Count in Pack – 50 Ct

Discount – 10% discount on the 50 Ct pack.  Discount built into pricing.

WARNING: This product can expose you to [LEAD], which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Soft Plastics - All Colors

101-Green Pumpkin Pepper, 102-Green Pumpkin Chartreuse/Purple, 103-Copper Rose Pumpkin, 104-Susquie Green Pumpkin, 105-Green Pumpkin Sparkle, 106-Puke, 107-Juniata Green Pumpkin, 108-Dirty Susquie Green Pumpkin, 110-Green Pumpkin Orange/Purple, 111-Green Pumpkin Red, 112-Green Pumpkin Chart, 113-Olive Pepper, 114-Dirty Green Pumpkin Gold, 115-Green Pumpkin Candy, 120-Juniata Magic Craw, 121-Susquie Magic Craw, 130-Watermelon Pepper, 131-Watermelon Red, 132-Susquie Watermelon, 133-Juniata Watermelon, 134-Watermelon Rose, 135-Copper Craw(changeable), 140-Susquie Roadkill, 141-Red Roadkill, 142-Juniata Roadkill, 143-Roadkill Sparkle, 150-Baby Bass, 153-Moss Green Hologram, 160-Motor Oil Magic, 203-Gold Shiner, 205-Fall Craw Orange, 402-Chartreuse Pepper, 451-Pearl White, 501-Black Gold, 502-Jet Black, 503-Black Blue Neon, 505-Black Grape, 506-Black Red Neon, 601-Oxblood, 650-Bubblegum, 652-Cotton Candy, 701-Pumpkin Blue Glimmer, 702-Purple Stain, 703-Crawfish(changeable), 704-Carmel, 705-Pumpkin Pepper, 707-Irish Coffee, 708-Juniata Steamer, 710-Dark Copper Craw, 803-Smokey Blue Grey, 804-Sexy Blue Grey, 810-Smoke Blue Green, 901-Junebug, 902-Smoke Purple, 906-Purple Hologram


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