STC River Thump Spinnerbaits

The River Thump Spinnerbaits are small profile spinnerbaits for heavy current with a smaller skirt profile to reduce drag but you need the extra thump.   With a thin wire (0.030 gauge) frame for added vibration.  Outfitted with a #3 lower turtleback (wide willow) blades and #4 turtleback top blade.  Using the highest quality blades on the market in 24ct gold, silver, black nickel or copper plating or a powder coating.  Comes in 3/8 oz or 1/2 oz sizes (1/4oz profile).  Thin skirt and cut shorter for a smaller skirt profile.  Great for slow rolling or a constant retrieve.

These are the production models of the STC River Thump Spinnerbaits.  There are many more sizes that you can build your own unique STC spinnerbait.  Click here for Build Your Own page.

All back ordered spinnerbaits will be made to order in 1-3 days after order unless STC contacts you.