STC Natural Series Spinnerbait

These spinnerbaits are designed to perfectly match bass forage.  STC uses images of baitfish, fry and other forage to replicate the colors and hues from belly to back including fin colors and specialized markings.  These are works of lure making art while catch many different sportfish.  STC will create spinnerbaits that mimics your local forage, just email them at and send the forage you would like them to replicate.  No other lure company will match the forage of your favorite fishing holes.

These are the production models of the STC Natural Series Spinnerbaits.  There are many more sizes that you can build your own unique STC spinnerbait.  Click here for Build Your Own page.

All back ordered spinnerbaits will be made to order in 1-3 days after order unless STC contacts you.