The STC River Spinnerbait is the smallest profile spinnerbait around.  Great for slow to medium rolling in clear to moderate stained water. (picture may be of a River Thump)

Style - River

Weight - 1/2oz (1/4 oz profile)

Blade Sizes (Clevis-Swivel) - #3 Turtleback - #4 Willow

Blade Configuration - Hammered Gold/Hammered Gold

Wire Gauge - .030 (thin wire wire)

Retreive - medium to slow roll

Skirt Size - River (55 strands)

Color – Fallfish

Want to make a custom spinnerbait in this color you can click here for Build Your Own page.


  • Item #: 01-5707-11-HgHg-12
  • Manufacturer: Built by Snagler Tackle Company

STC 1/2oz River Spinnerbait - Fallfish

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