Teaser Tubes - 2 3/4 inch - Green Pumpkin Candy

Teaser Tubes - 2 3/4 inch - Green Pumpkin Candy
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  • Item #: STC-TT-GPC
  • Manufacturer: Campground Special

These 2 3/4 inch tubes are designed by river anglers for river smallmouth.  Perfect profile and abundant number of strands.  Heavily salted and made from a soft plastic that gives it a lifelike feel to the fish.  They come in natural colors that mimic river forage like crayfish and shad.  10 tubes per pack with a price break for 5-9 packs and 10 plus packs in the same color and size(comes in one packge). 


Color - Green Pumpkin Candy

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Price $2.99
5 or more $2.20 each
10 or more $2.00 each
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