STC - Tube Kit - Large Clean Water Teaser Tubes

STC - Tube Kit - Large Clean Water Teaser Tubes
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  • Item #: STC-LTK-FCW

When you aren't sure what tubes you need, let STC help you get started.  We have put together several kits for clean water, dirty water, our favorite colors and large tubes with the tube heads that you need in our favorite sickle hook design.  Great for a gift to the beginner or for an advance river angler looking for a value in purchasing multiple colors.  

Large teaser tube kits includes Plano 3700 Utility box, 265 teaser tubes and 150 tube lead heads with a list of what is in the box and instructions on how to rig them.  

Please understand that when a tube color is not available, STC will substitute another great color which could be a limited run color.

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