River Spinnerbait - Shad - Blue Herring

  • Item #: 1004-11-HsHg
  • Manufacturer: Built by Snagler Tackle Company

The River Spinnerbaits are small profile spinnerbaits in weights for heavy current with a smaller skirt profile to reduce drag.  With a thin wire (0.030 gauge) frame for added vibration.  Outfitted with a #3 lower turtleback (wide willow) blades and #4 willow (with a #4 turtleback option) top blade.  Using the highest quality blades on the market in 24ct gold, silver, black nickel or copper plating or a powder coating.  Comes in 1/4 oz (1/8oz profile) or in 3/8 oz and 1/2 oz sizes (1/4oz profile).  Thin skirt and cut shorter for a smaller skirt profile.  Great for slow rolling or a constant retrieve.


Color - Blue Herring

Blades - Hammered Silver/Hammered Gold



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